Order Manager

Clarity Order Manager manages the definition and execution of workflow to deliver ordered services through to the network for activation, and update all other OSS and BSS applications with any relevant order details.


  • Provides a modular workflow definition that can be reused across multiple products
  • Delivers automated order processing including order capture, workflow decomposition and execution, milestone monitoring and reporting
  • Highlights jeopardy and rollback management, with notifications and interactive augmentation to workflow in progress to remedy exceptions
  • Provides manual task management with workgroup inboxes for task assignment
  • Integrates with Customer Manager module to capture orders through self-service and provide direct visibility of order status
  • Integrates with Service Manager module for end-to-end delivery of complex services into the network


  • Reduces time and cost of product rollout with reusable workflows that can be easily modeled for new offerings
  • Reduces time and cost of order fulfillment with end-to-end automation of processes
  • Reduces risk and cost of errors with integrated processes from order acceptance through to network integration
  • Meets customer expectations with committed timeframes to deliver orders, and up-to-date status of delivery

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