The Clarity solution for WiMAX helps operators make money from WiMAX by cost effective and timely deployment of infrastructure and efficient network and service provisioning and assurance.

WiMAX is being deployed around the world to provide residential and business broadband services to areas which are not reached by the fixed network, areas which are subject to infrastructure theft or damage and to mobile and nomadic communities. Being wireless, WiMAX can provide broadband services to these populations at a vastly lower cost and timescale than fixed network deployments.

A WiMAX deployment is similar in terms of complexity and cost to that of a traditional mobile 3G network. Consequently, the efficient and timely rollout of the network can bring significant benefits to the network operator’s bottom line. Many greenfield operators are deploying WiMAX as a means to provide coverage to dense urban populations, but the lack of established infrastructure plan and build processes makes it that much harder for them to deploy cost effectively and quickly.

From an operational perspective, WiMAX services are a hybrid between mobile and fixed line services. They require CPE to be shipped and installed at the customer address and often a specific BTS is assigned to the customer service. This means that service provisioning and assurance demands an understanding of the customer end of the service.

Our solution for WiMAX provides:


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